Vision launches its first public performance

Vision made its first public performance on Saturday 22 June at the Proms at St. Jude’s Music & Literary Festival in London’s Hampstead Garden Suburb.

Fellow former London 2012 Olympics Ceremonies performers had opened the day with a reprise of the Industrial Revolution segment from the Olympic Opening Ceremony. By the time Vision choir members had assembled in the gardens for their first ever performance, the glowering grey skies and blustery wind (of this almost mid-summer day) delivered its first spots of rain.

The expectant crowd remained steadfast, fumbling for umbrellas and raincoats, as the choir shuffled in expectation. Months of rehearsals for the Ceremonies had taken place in the seemingly relentless rains of summer 2012. A light shower wasn’t going to spoil the day for the singers!

But the gusts grew stronger, the drizzle suddenly turned into a heavy and persistent downpour, the umbrellas went up and the organisers decided the combination of wind and rain wasn’t conducive to an enjoyable experience – for anyone. Hampstead was in danger of becoming a mini Glastonbury – the music festival famed for its heavy rain.

“All inside the church”, went the cry, and off they trooped. The choir re-assembled – bearing what some later remarked was akin to a ‘drowned rat’ look!

First, an introduction and explanation of how Vision came together and then the choir performed three numbers all based around the theme of inspiration. David Bowie’s Heroes, Be the Best That You Can Be (which was first performed as part of Across the World for BBC Music Nation Weekend at Chester Amphitheatre, in March 2012) and the choir’s flagship song Keep the Flame Alive written by choir founder Phil Scotton.

The group received warm applause from the packed church and left the stage with beaming smiles, ready to grab a quick sandwich and hot drink, before heading off to their second concert of the day at London’s iconic Roundhouse.

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