Vision Choir Gets Festive at the London Southbank Winter Festival

Olympics & Paralympics Ceremonies Volunteers to perform in the Voicelab Winter Choirs series on 20th December 2013

(Photo by Vilma Laryea)
Early in 2013 a group of people from the many thousands who took part in the four London 2012 Opening and Closing Ceremonies formed a choir to perform an inspirational song penned on the back of the Olympic feel-good factor. The choir, called Vision, added other motivational songs to its repertoire and now following a raft of concerts throughout 2013 is thrilled to be performing on 20th December at the Southbank Winter Festival as part of the Voicelab Winter Choirs series.

From 9th – 23rd December the Southbank will come alive to the sound of a myriad of different choirs singing in all styles. Vision is thrilled to take part in this annual event and will present a festive selection of songs to welcome the impending Christmas week. Musical director Rebecca Amissah (recent winner of Rising Star 2013 in the Ghana UK Based Achievement (GUBA) Awards) has chosen a mix of traditional Christmas carols to complement the choir’s regular repertoire.

Vision founder Phil Scotton - one of the many individuals who volunteered their time during the summer of 2012 says; “The choir is really excited about performing at the Winter Festival and we are looking forward to singing some festive songs!”

Scotton started Vision with the aim of raising funds for SportsAid and to build on the friendships formed through the volunteering experience. In this pursuit he wrote a song called Keep the Flame Alive and the group is currently seeking backing and sponsorship to record the song as a charity single and fund the choir’s community activities. Phil says; “I aim to keep the legacy of the Olympics and Paralympics alive and show that if you have the determination anything can be done”. 

Concert Date:

20 December: 19:00– 19:30 Southbank, outside Foyles Bookshop, Queens Walk, Festival Riverside, London SE1 8XX

Audiences can enjoy a rousing performance followed by a stroll along the riverbank to take in the other attractions of the Festival which include the Christmas Markets, and cheese, chocolate and wine tasting events. For more information on the Festival or Voicelab Winter Choirs, please visit:
The Winter Festival - Voicelab.

Who are and what is Vision?

  • A group of people who volunteered as ceremonies performers during the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games. 
  • Until the 2012 games many had never danced, drummed or sung in their lives.
  • The choir was set up in March 2013 and is currently self–funded through member subscriptions.
  • The name was chosen by songwriter and group founder Phil Scotton.
  • The flagship song is called ‘Keep the Flame Alive’ - an original work.
  • The lyrics are written by Phil Scotton.
  • Choir members (all volunteers) look after the website, PR, photography, finances, and general admin.
  • As well as raising funds for SportsAid the group’s passionate aim is to continue the legacy of the games and prove that whatever shape, size, or age, whether physically challenged or able-bodied – anything is possible!
Twitter: @visionchoir


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