Vision Singers, also known as Vision Choir, is a Central London group, originally formed by London 2012 ceremonies volunteers with a passion for singing and performing. We cover a range of music – from rounds to Soprano / Alto / Baritone harmonies and world music.

We welcome new members, aged 18 or over, who love to sing. You don't have to have sung in a choir before.

2016 - workshops

We're currently hosting a series of themed, monthly workshops at the weekends, open to everyone, with the aim of encouraging people to come and sing with us.

Everyone is welcome - you don't have to have any experience of singing in a choir. Check out the events page for further details: http://www.visionmusic.org.uk/

We hope to see you at one of our workshops soon.

2016 - The Bridge Project, Tate Modern

We're pleased to announce that we were chosen as one of around a dozen London choirs, to perform The Bridge project, to celebrate the opening of the new building at Tate Modern in June 2016. Composer and artist, Peter Liversidge, has written 15 pieces for the occasion and the choirs will come together, conducted by Esmeralda Conde Ruiz. 

Any questions?

Please email info@visionmusic.org.uk

Tom Coltman, MD, left, with Vision Choir at a recent rehearsal


In the last three years, we have performed at the Proms at St Judes Festival, Our Big Gig, Surrey Sports Awards, Barbican Look East Festival, Voices Now at the Roundhouse, SouthBank Winter Festival, Horniman Museum Winter Festival, Chorus Festival (SouthBank), and International Music Day organised by Making Music (Victoria Embankment Gardens). We’re also hosting regular workshops open to all.

International Music Day, June 2015


Vision was the brainchild of Phil Scotton, a volunteer performer for the Paralympic Games Opening and Closing Ceremonies, who was so inspired by his experiences that on his way home, penned his first ever song lyrics on the train, for 'Keep the Flame Alive'. Another fellow volunteer, Mark Champion, came forward and wrote the music following a call out to London 2012 related Facebook groups to help turn it into a charity single. Both Phil and Mark envisioned that 'Keep the Flame Alive' would be sung and recorded by a group of ceremonies performers and be released as a charity single, to raise funds for Sports Aid.

About us

Vision was initially planned as a short-term project, open to ceremonies volunteers who first got together to rehearse in December 2012. Other ceremonies volunteers - including Tim Neumann, Rebecca Amissah (our first Musical Director) and Steve Ball - helped with instrumental and choral arrangements for the song, and Annette Commissar worked on the dance choreography.

The initial objective was to work towards securing a recording contract and releasing 'Keep the Flame Alive' as a charity single by 27 July 2013, in time to celebrate the first year anniversary of the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Games, in aid of charity.

Vision has since grown in scope. On 2 March 2013, we were officially set up as a music society with a charitable constitution, complete with a committee made up of volunteers to help oversee the day-to-day management of its activities.

Vision began running structured weekly rehearsals in April 2013 under the original MD,  award-winning Rebecca Amissah (recipient of the 2013 Rising Star, Ghana UK-Based Achievements (GUBA) Awards).

In 2014, we expanded our membership to include people who shared our original ethos of volunteering, community engagement, and encouraging wider participation in musical activities. We also appointed a new MD, Thomas Coltman, an experienced baritone, vocal coach and pianist, working throughout London and beyond. Under Tom's direction, our repertoire expanded to include musicals, three and four part harmonies, world music (in other languages), rounds, a capella singing, jazz and contemporary songs. All songs are especially chosen to maximise the quality and blend of our voices.